The Cobalt Empire

To the western plains of greater Paradisus is the great empire of humankind known as the Cobalt Empire. One of the three continental superpowers, the Empire provides a formidable force and expresses that trait which seems to best describe humans as a race: determination. This determination is expressed not only in the ferocity of the Cobalt Legions, but also in how long the Empire has lasted – according to rumor, many Elves lost bets when the Empire reached its 400th year…

Mankind started off as a nomadic race in the plains of Paradisus. As tribes began to develop agricultural techniques, they began to form cities and societies which were heavily dependant upon each other in order to survive raids from other tribes and even other races. Eventually, even these societies gew conflicted, and wars broke out amid the cities. A single dominant tribe – the Cobalt Sunderers – slowly grew out of this conflict. It’s military organization and tactics, along with its sheer manpower caused it to become one of the strongest empires in world. Today, the Cobalt Legion is perhaps one of the greatest empires known, rivaled only by the Kingdom of the Angels.

Countless races had been cast out of their home territories, oppressed, or enslaved at the hands of humans. This treatment of other races is a point of dispute among humans, though nobody bothers or feels inclined to change the situation. As a result, the Dark Alliance to the south has formed out of the “sundered races” who wish to take back their lands and restore justice.

Slaves in human society are of all different races, though the rarest of slaves are Elves, and there has never been a M’ryauln slave in the history of mankind. The purpose of a slave varies depending on the owner. Sometimes, the purpose is for labor, while other times, the purpose is to fight in the extravagant coliseums which have been provided for the populace’s entertainment. Rarely, a slave is forced to engage in activities of the body which would be considered crimes when performed with other citizens of the empire.

On the battlefield, humans are easily recognized. Their armor is often the color of bronze, sculpted into heroic figure and decorated with embossed or raised relief designs, along with red capes and plumed helms. The sheer number of spear-men is often enough to deter an enemy. In addition, human artwork is almost exclusively functional. A spear may be considered a work of art, just as a piece of armor would be. But the ultimate rule when it comes to art is that it is diverse in the Empire, and as a result, there are several subcultures based on location, which then influences the art produced in the area.

The Cobalt Empire

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